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Gold Management Software is a specialized end-to-end solution to manage and administrate gold wholesale and retail business. The solution includes inventory, stock transactions, weights, types, cash, auditing and control.

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Specialized financial, administrative and technical end-to-end solutions to manage gold wholesale, retail or production business enterprises. The key solutions are:

General Ledger: Carry out accounting entries for gold weights and cash. Follow up transactions and financial statements.

InventoryManage gold items weights, fees and movement details to achieve precise inventory control.

Purchases: Register new and broken gold purchase transactions (wholesale and retail) and effect on gold inventory.

Sales: Register new and broken gold sale transactions (wholesale and retail) based on the international ounce and manufacturing fees.

Assets: Stock-taking, asset information, movement, depreciation and register its value in gold.

HR: Manage all administrative and financial functions.


Gold Core ERP Software Supports

Multiple gold types (karats 24, 22, 21, 18, 14, 12 ...etc), payment modes and currencies for all transaction types. 

Additional categories for gold such as manufactured, new, second hand, broken, raw for all transaction level.

Different gold purities or what is known as Gold Content per gold type and category (999,999/ 875 / 750 / ... etc) for all transactions.

Standard Gold Content as a secondary currency besides the local currency in all balance sheets as a reference for other contents and financial indicators.


Key Features
  1. Quantities and weights in all transactions.

  2. The ability to set automatic gold prices updates (per gram) based on the international ounce price with modification capability.

  3. Multiple gold classification such as gold content, country of origin, manufacturer and other categories in all transactions.

  4. Displaying pictures for gold products in all related transactions.

  5. Handling gold products in sets or individual pieces along with the ability of selling individual pieces from the same sets or selling the set excluding any pieces. 

  6. Linking gemstones with products including their own types and weights in all sales and purchases transactions.

  7. Support price adjustment for products exchange and display adjustments on receipts.

  8. Support multiple payments methods.

  9. Handling non-gold items such as accessories and other materials (gemstones, boxes, wax, …. etc).

  10. Considering manufacturing cost per gram or per piece.

  11. Support different product prices according to the client or market types.

  12. The capability of adjusting gold standard content while tracking adjustments differences in specific accounts.

  13. Creating barcodes for gold products including weights, as well as generating unique serial number as a unique reference in all software transactions.

Gold Sales & Purchases Transactions 
Sale: Selling Manufactured gold: Price includes manufacturing fees in cash payment and/or weight.
Purchase: Purchasing manufactured gold: Price includes manufacturing fees in cash payment and/or weight.
Sale: Selling Natural gold (broken or bullions) excluding manufacturing fees.
Purchase: Purchasing natural gold (broken, bullions) excluding manufacturing fees.
Sale: Indirect sales (through different channels) for raw gold which only effects inventory after receiving actual payments and issuing sale receipt.
Purchase: Indirect purchase (through different channels) for raw gold which only effects inventory after receiving actual payments and issuing sale receipt.
Sale: Returns of raw/manufactured gold or direct/ indirect sales.
Purchase: Returns of raw/manufactured gold or direct/ indirect purchases.
Sale: Sales receipts including weight,, cash or both.
Purchase: Purchase receipts including weight, cash or both.
Key Functions
  1. Register and carry out all gold transactions, sales, purchases and returns including gold weight and manufacturing fees through different payments methods (weight, cash or both). 

  2. Carry out all payment types and update balances accordingly as well as generation and documenting receipt.

  3. Analysing the gold manufacturing and ingoting processes to assure high quality (weight and karats) and track any deficiencies.

  4. Change product status from damaged to new product or raw to new product and vice versa.

  5. Manage modification transactions like cutting and splitting gold products.

  6. Carry out all currencies exchange transactions.


Key Benefits
  1. Monitor all gold transactions and report any financial or gold inventory balance deficits

  2. Control items inventory based on quantity and weights

  3. Maintain all transaction history such as transfer, sale, purchase, quantity, receipt …etc.

  4. Mange costing, profits and losses for the manufacturing processes

  5. Follow up accounts balances, gold inventory, client’s & supplier’s movement and all related transactions.

  6. Generate financial and gold inventory reports on the accounts or transactions level, these reports can be generated based on gold weights or cash with respect to the standard gold content or local currency or both.


Gold Core ERP Solutions

A modern end-to-end gold management system to automate gold companies for better control and smooth operation. Support business to achieve success and rapid growth.


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