Fixed Assets Inventory App Mobile


Our new mobile App simplify and ease the complicated fixed assets inventory processes. The App enables users to perform assets inventory from anywhere, whether from headquarters, branch or even personal custody.

Who benefits the most …?
All businesses with multiple location and different assets types.


App Installation

  1. Compatible with Android operating system.

  2. Easy to install on the inventory agent’s smart phone or tablet to carry out asset inventory.

  3. Simple App setting to connect to the Onyx ERP to synchronize inventory related data.

  4. Works in online mode for immediate effects on the centralized system.

  5. Supports offline mode to carry out inventory activities without the need of Onyx ERP connectivity.

  6. Support internal integrated barcode reader, external barcode reader or the mobile camera along with the manually data entry option.


Key Functions
  1. Online access to Onyx ERP assets inventories.

  2. Scan assets barcode and preform stocktaking for full or specific inventories.

  3. Save and synchronize asset inventory process with Onyx ERP online.

Key Features
  1. The ability of performing more than one inventory activity with the saving and resuming stocktaking option at any time

  2. User-friendly with the ability of scheduling asset’s inventory processes based on the organization procedures (Weekly, Monthly ...etc.).

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