Mutakamel Plus Settings

  1. Handling the settings processor for quick and safe configuration according to default data or imported from Excel file.
  2. Creating the accounting entity and related branches; and inputting the basic data of the accounting entity and branches.

  3. Identifying the financial period, local currency, stock currency and used currencies and defining the inventory units which will be used.

  4. Creating the chart of accounts with its main and sub levels for all branches; and defining correlation with used classifications, accounts groups and the intermediate accounts.

  5. Creating main and sub items groups and linking them with the accounts; and creating items chart and linking it with the related groups and the inventory units.

  6.  Defining banks and cash in hand and their related accounts.

  7. Capability of creating clients’ and vendors’ groups to be defined according to the organization needs.

  8. Creating detailed charts of accounts for clients, vendors and cost centers.

  9. Defining sales and collection representatives’ data to be linked with clients, areas and their sales targets.

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