Motakamel Plus Features

  1. Handle financial, administrative and technical performance in commercial, industrial, and service business enterprises with multiple branches and organizations as in holding companies.  
  2. Highly sufficient work in all business environments, different activities and sectors even those using weights and measurements or having many items such as medicines stores.

  3. Multilingual:, English, Arabic,  French and Turkish

  4. Developed on MS SQL SERVER database for strong performance, quick processing, data security and flexible integration and linking among modules.

  5. Meeting activity expansion flexibly and safely, applying the necessary policies in purchases, sales, warehousing, cash, etc.

  6. Controlling the privileges of the users' functional groups in the activities and branches of the organization and the direct monitoring of the transactions by each user.

  7. Providing immediate reports for risks or opportunities, supporting the administration with the necessary reports and comparison reports for more than a branch or organization for the interest of general performance.

  8. User-friendly; quick access to several screens and control user theme.  

  9. Handling currencies flexibly in transactions and reports in more than a currency; and controlling currencies at the level of transactions or account.

  10. Providing more than one cost for each item through costs calculation methods by branch.

  11. Flexibility of linking the account or item with cost centers in accounting and inventory transactions details or at the level of the whole transaction.

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